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12 WordPress Product Owners Share Their Thoughts On Offering Better Support

Speaking of support, here’s some advice on how to handle your tickets so that both you and your clients remain satisfied at the end of the day. Our own happiness engineers – Uriahs, Hardeep, and Poonam – share their thoughts in this regard, too.

How Many Websites Use WooCommerce? Usage Stats 2018

Did you know that there are 1135 WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest and 548 on And even more plugins. More than that, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores on the web. Isn’t it cool to know that WordPress is doing so great? Check other interesting numbers about the continuous evolution of e-commerce in WordPress by reading this article.

Add Conditional Logic Fields to WooCommerce Checkout Page

Staying in the same area, here’s a tutorial on how to add conditional fields to your product pages, other than the default ones that WooCommerce plugin comes with. For instance, you can ask people if they have any dietary preferences and let them choose from a custom list that you created. Or add exceptions that don’t apply to all your products.

How to Create a Micro-Job Website Like Fiverr with WordPress

Looking to hire people or to host a site with job boards? You can create a mini-Fiverr directly on your WordPress site by reading this article. You can allow people to submit jobs in exchange for a price set by you and permit the unemployed to apply for a position of their interest.

WordPress Content Scraping (Fight Back or Ignore?)

If you, by any chance, found out that someone just stole your content and copy-pasted it on their blog, what should you do? Do you take action or simply ignore it? Here’s this post by Kinsta that will tell you how to detect the content scrapers, what to do next if you find out your article was stolen, and what the consequences are of not reacting in any way.

WordPress Plugin Conflicts: Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Them, Identifying Them, and Resolving Them

Plugin conflicts happen and the more you have, the higher the probability. Especially if you don’t update them regularly. In this article, you will read about how to identify plugin conflicts in order to prevent them and what solutions to apply in case of an incident like this.

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